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1. The 31st International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society (ICJMS2018),

  Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea, 2018, July 2-6 (Monday-Friday)

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  The 31st International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society (ICJMS2018),

  Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea, 2018, July 2-6 (Monday-Friday)  

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1. Introduction


About The Jangjeon Mathematical Society (JMS)

The Jangjeon Mathematical Society (JMS), born in historic Hapcheon, seeks to carry on Hapcheon's proud tradition of excellent scholarship coupled with unquestionable moral fidelity. Loyal to its Hapcheon heritage, JMS strives to maintain individual excellence, faithfulness to responsibility, and development of talents and abilities while adhering to core values of contributing to world peace and prosperity.

JMS was founded in 1996 by Doctor Taekyun Kim to fulfill the aforementioned values through free discussion and cooperation amongst voluntarily participating scholars motivated by a common concern for the general welfare of mankind. This ideal of free and open discussion is mirrored by society’s name, Jangjeon, which rendered in pure Korean, meaning”Geul-Baat”,the place of studies. With this significant symbolism in mind, Dr.Kim selected his birthplace, Jangjeon, as the title of this society.

Since ancient times, Hapcheon has served as the training round of many scholars who carried on the teachings of the great Korean scholars, Namyoung Jo Sik, and were renowned for their utmost moral character and honor. The Hapcheon tradition of excellence may still be seen in its profound influence on many modern scholars.

The geographical attributes of Hapcheon serve as fitting symbols of its metaphysical properties, The Hwang River, flowing serenely past suggests a steadfastness of virtue, unshaken by secular concerns, infusing energy into all living things. Nearby stands the towering Hwang-mae Mountain whose sheer slopes represent the unwavering fidelity of Hapcheon's scholars. There are many great scholars who are the members of JMS such as Dr. Seog-Hoon Rim (Managing Editor, Kyungpook University), Dr. Hari M. Srivastava (Editor-in-Chief and Past President of JMS; University of Victoria, Canada), Dr. Alexander Shtern (Assistant Chief-in-Editors, Moscow State University), Dr. Krassimir Atanassov (Editor-in-Chief, Bulgarian Academy), Dr. Lee Chae Jang (Assistant-Managing Editor, Kunkook University), Dr. Hongkyung Pak (Adjustor, Daegu Haany University), Dr. Taekyun Kim (Founding Editor) etc.

The 31th Congress of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society will be held at Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea.

In conclusion, we are really appreciative of participants in The 31th Congress of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society and do hope that all participants, understanding the meaning of Jangjeon, enjoy this conference and work together for the development of world.

We hope that all participants have free and active Jangjeon meaning "Geul-baat" (place of studies) and meaningful discussions with other participants throughout the conference.


2. Plenary speakers


 Chandrashekar Adiga (Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Mysore, India)

 Kramissir Atanassov (Professor, Department of Bioinformatics and Mathematical Modelling, Bulgarian Academy  of      

                            Sciences, Bulgaria)

 Abdelmejid Bayad (Professor, Departement de mathematiques, Universite d'Evry Val d'Essonne, France)

 Kamal Boukhetala (Professor, Faculty of Mathematics, USTHB, Algeria)

 Dae San Kim (Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Sogang University, South Korea)

 Yilmaz Simsek (Professor, Department of Mathematics, Akdeniz University, Turkey)


3. Program and Topics of conference


July 2, 2018 : Registration, Conference

July 3, 2018 : Conference

July 4, 2018 : Seoul City Tour, Banquet

July 5, 2018 : Free discussion

July 6, 2018 : Free discussion


Topics of Conference

This conference welcomes speakers whose talks are mainly related to the following two subjects:

  Pure and Computational and Applied Mathematics & Statistics

  Mathematical Physics (related to p-adic Analysis, Umbral Algebra and Their Applications)   


Special Sessions

   •  Analysis


     Linear and Multilinear Algebra

     Clifford Algebras and Applications

     Real and Complex Functions

     Orthogonal Polynomials

     Special numbers and Functions

     Fractional Calculus and q-theory

     Number theory and Combinatorics

     Approximation Theory and Optimization

     Integral Transformations, Equations and Operational Calculus

     Partial Differential Equations

     Geometry and Its Applications

     Numerical Methods and Algorithms

     Probability and Statistics and Their Applications

     Scientific Computation

     Mathematical Methods in Physics and in Engineering

     Mathematical Geosciences


4. Transprotations


   1. By subway


Incheon International Airport → Seoul Station

(by Airport Express(AREX) at terminal 1 or 2; It takes about 50 minutes),

Seoul Station → Kwangwoon University Station (Station No. 119)

(by Subway Line 1 bound for Kwangwoon University Station or Soyosan),

Kwangwoon University Station → Kwangwoon University (by walk or taxi).


  2. By bus

Incheon International Airport → Induk University (by Limousine No.6011 at 5B platform),

Induk University → Kwangwoon University (by Bus No. 1140).


5. Accommodation


1. K city Hotel:

* Conveniently located near Cheongyangni Station which is five stops

  from Kwangwoon Unuversity Station


2. Dormitory of Kwangwoon University :

* Located on the Kwangwoon University Campus

Dormitory of Kwangwoon University



6. Registration


For regular participants, the registration fee is $500.

For student participants, the registration fee is $400.

For guest participants, the registeration fee is $300.

The registration fee covers accommodation, conference materials, coffee breaks, meals, and banquet.


In order to register for the ICJMS 2018, please email me at or

I will send you by email the “Registration and Payment Form.” right away.

(Once you submit the abstract of your paper, I will send you the "Registration and Payment Form" even if you don't ask me)


7. Committee


Organizing Committee of The 31st International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society:

C. Adiga (India)

A. Bayad (France)

D. Boukari (Algeria)

K. Boukhetala (Algeria)

I. N. Cangul (Turkey)

A. S. Cevik (Turkey)

Y. J. Cho (Korea)

D. V. Dolgy (Russia)

K. W. Hwang (Korea)

L. C. Jang (Korea)

D. S. Kim (Korea)

T. Kim (Korea)

J. Kwon (Korea)

H. K. Pak (Korea)

S. H. Rim (Korea)

C. S. Ryoo (Korea)

S. H. Shtern(Russia)

Y. Simsek (Turkey)


Committee of ICJMS:

Chandrashekar Adiga (Mysore University, Mysore, India):

Vijay Gupta (New Delphi, India):

Kyung-Won Hwang (Dong-A University, Pusan, Korea):

Dae San Kim (Sogang University, Seoul, Korea):

Taekyun Kim (Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea):

Hong-Kyung Pak (Daegu Hanny University, Kyungsan, Korea):

Seog-Hoon Rim (Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea):

Cheon-Seoung Ryoo (Hannam University, Daejeon, Korea):

Alexander Shtern( Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia):

Yilmaz Simsek (Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey):


Scientific Committee:

C. Adiga (India)

M. Alkan (Turkey)

G. E. Andrews (USA)

K. Atanassov (Bulgaria)

A. Bayad (France)

I. N. Cangul (Turkey)

A. S. Cevik (Turkey)

D. V. Dolgy (Russia)

R. Goldman (USA)

Y. Hamahata (Japan)

M. O. Hernane (Algeria)

H. K. Hwang (Korea)

S. Iyengar (USA)

T. Kim (Korea)

V. Kurt (Turkey)

P. C. Nogu`es (France)

E. Ozcag (Turkey)

H. K. Pak (Korea)

S. H. Rim (Korea)

C. S. Ryoo (Korea)

M. Saraj (Iran)

R. Sczech (USA)

A. Shannon (Australia)

A. I. Shtern (Russia)

Y. Simsek (Turkey)

H. M. Srivastava (Canada)

M. Waldschmidt (France)


Local Commitee:

Nal-Eun Cho

Junesang Choi

Sang Ki Choi

Demitry Dolgy

Kyung-Won Hwang

Gwan-Woo Jang

Lee-Chae Jang

Dae San Kim

Ik Pyo Kim

Taekyun Kim

Won-Joo Kim

Younggi Kim

Hyuck In Kwon

Jongkyum Kwon

JeongGon Lee

Hong-Kyung Pak

Jin-Woo Park

Sung-Soo Pyo

Seog-Hoon Rim

Cheon-Seoung Ryoo

Gyoyong Sohn


8. Travel information


(Seoul tour)

(Information of travel)


9. Contact


Akdeniz University:


Gyeongsang National University:


Kwangwoon University:


10. Submission of paper


Dear Colleagues,


If you want to present a paper (papers) at the ICJMS 2018 meeting,

you should submit the abstract and the full paper according to the following instructions.

The manuscript must be prepared by using the style file of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society journals:

Jangjeon_abstract.tex and Jangjeon_full paper.tex can be downloaded at


The deadlines for the submissions are:

(1) Abstract of the paper: June 15, 2018

(2) Full paper: Aug 31, 2018


Please send the files of your paper to or


Thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you in Seoul.


With best regards,

The organizing committee for ICJMS 2018



The selected (and duly-refereed) proceedings papers will be published in Special Issue(s) of the following journals:

  1.    Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics

  2.    Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society